An art project to reflect on the climate emergency
and the human predicament,
and to envision a desirable future.
The proJect is supported by the MAHB and the Post carbon Institute.

biMonthly Art Call & Online Exhibitions

CURRENT Exhibition

Featured artists:

Kirsten Aaboe (US), Susan Bercu (US), Marianne Bickett (US),
Christina Conklin
(US), Alison Lee Cousland (Australia), Yvonne C. Espinoza (US), Mark M Garrett (US), Michele Guieu (US), Marianela de la Hoz (US), Ellen Jewel (Scotland), Deborah Kennedy (US),
Karey Kessler (US), Rosalind Lowry (Ireland), Suzette Marie Martin (US), Quin de la Mer (US),
Mona Naess
(Norway), Meredith Nemirov (US), Joseph Rabie (US), Priyanka Rana (US), Dorothy Ries Faison (US), Technodruidism (Brazil), Marcela Villasenor (US), Anita Wong (US), Eileen Wold (US).

Current Art Call

What’s Next for Earth was created by multidisciplinary eco-artist and art educator Michele Guieu in 2020 and was joined by artist and writer Christina Conklin in 2022. So far, nearly two dozen art calls focused on the Human Predicament have been proposed to the art community, with more than 110 artists from around the world responding. The art calls follow the Think Resilience short course from the Post Carbon Institute, a leading resource on the intersecting challenges of our time and what might come next.

What’s Next for Earth is supported by the MAHB and the Post Carbon Institute

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The MAHB is an initiative of Stanford University, bringing the best science to civil society.

The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere is a meeting place for global civil society — citizens concerned with the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: this is the human predicament.

We live in a time of tremendous political, environmental, and economic upheaval. What can we do? Think Resilience is an online course to help you start doing something about climate change and our other sustainability challenges—starting in your own community.


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