Addy Lyon

Oceanside, California, US


Spread Love (detail)

The drawings and prints in this book (11” x 8”) were created throughout 2020 and reflect some emotions and feelings this year has brought to my thoughts.

This book was constructed with all pre-existing materials I’ve found littered or previously had myself saved waiting to be used and repurposed. I enjoy taking an item from one dialogue/purpose like becoming damaging waste and shifting that material into another life through art such as using newspaper, stuffing paper, and old fabric to convey my message within this piece. I also believe hands can play as symbols of many meanings including conjoining, taking, receiving, and longing making their presence aware throughout the pages. Spreading love happens in a brief moment with others like smiling at a friend or stranger, making it easy to share.
Spread Love.
  • Addy Lyon

2020 Heroes

Illustrator Vector Art

Within this piece are people I know and care for working on the front efforts with additional representations of frontline workers who I believe deserve credit for their efforts. I see these people as heroes.
Thank you frontline workers for enduring and providing for communities endlessly.
Submission for Pandemic Related art project.
  • Addy Lyon
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