Eliza Evans

New York and Tenessee, US


All The Way To Hell 

Conceptual art project

All the Way to Hell is a conceptual art project, a platform for multigenerational and geographically distributed protest, and an experiment in energy democracy through distributive justice.

All the Way to Hell is giving away mineral rights to the Oklahoma property to as many people as possible. This fragmentation makes re-aggregating mineral properties into something drillable tedious, expensive, and time-consuming for prospective frackers.

All the Way to Hell redefines the value of mineral rights ownership in terms of safeguarding a just, desirable future compatible with human and more than human thriving rather than an asset that can be exploited in furtherance of petro-capitalism. The mineral rights as art objects can be collected, shared, and passed down.

Each mineral right, which entitles the owner to substances below the surface, measures approximately 12 feet long, 11 feet wide, and 4,000 miles deep as mineral rights in the U.S. extend, in theory, to the center of the earth. Each participant is engaging in the largest collaborative land-art project ever conceived.

All the Way to Hell is a platform for a 100-year sit-in. The participant spends no money and assumes minimal risk but commits to have their name on a deed to benefit others who may be geographically and generationally distant. Mineral rights are not age-restricted. The youngest participant is four years old, and minors can participate of their own accord. There are currently more than 350 project participants.

Black people by white settlers and specifically acknowledges the enduring rights Muscogee Nation citizens and Black Oklahomans.
  • Eliza Evans

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