Liz Miller Kovacs

Berlin, Germany


From the Hypothetical Artifacts series

Art Direction: Cyrina Hadad @cyrinecia

“Only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces change” – Milton Friedman. In the series ‘Hypothetical Artifacts’ (2018-2020), I imagined a future where humans hadn’t made any fundamental change in their habits consumption. I merged my body with inhospitable landscapes without considering the discomfort or sustainability of my position. The photos serve as documentation of the fragility of life.
  • Liz Miller Kovacs

Performance Intervention at Geamana Lake in Romania

This mountain village was flooded in the ’90s by the nearby copper mine. It’s an underwater ghost town; the water is contaminated with cyanide.…

In collaboration with Stefanie Loveday, costume: Victoria Claire Hammond.
  • Liz Miller Kovacs
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