Meredith Nemirov

Colorado, US and Spain


When Water Slips Through Roots

Acrylagouche on recycled topo map
13.5" x 17"

This line is from a poem titled Anvil by Arthur Sze "when water slips through roots, rises through a trunk, streams into trees".

I am always fulfilled and excited to look at the way the natural world works to sustain its life and nourishing presence on this earth. There is a lot to learn about the economy of consumption.

The sleek interdependence which sustains trees, plants and other forms of wildlife on earth would be a good model as we go forward and try to reduce our habits of excessive consumerism.

Not only is the process of survival or existence in the natural world vital but the result is also incredibly beautiful and sensual, attributes all humans appreciate and can enjoy in ways other than the aquisition of more material goods.
  • Meredith Nemirov


A new series of collages, paper on wood panel
5" x 7"

A legend is a list of symbols that appear on a map. Represented in Legend/Relief are bridges, tunnels, railroads, trails, etc., man-made aspects of our topography. A continuing effort to maintain, wherever possible, our existing infrastructure can be seen as one part of the shift from a consumer economy to a conserver economy by improving and continuing to use what we have instead of building new roads, bridges, etc.
  • Meredith Nemirov

Rivers Feed The Trees #479

Acryla Gouache on historic topo map 13.5" x 17" x 1.5"

A watershed is an entire river system. The interconnectedness of a forest root system. The Mycorrhizal network underground. " It's important to understand that this is the natural way of seeing the world. We intuitively know that systems are more than the sum of their parts."
  • Meredith Nemirov

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