Michalina W. Klasik



Clod of Earth

drawing, object

I drew a clod of Earth and framed it in the shape of an isosceles cross, thinking about how different our world would look if Earth was our religion.
  • Michalina W. Klasik

Polish Landscape

digital print on fragments of recycled cotton paper
The work consists of 162 modules, each measuring 25cm × 14.3cm, the surface dimensions of the entire work are 150cm x 380cm, 2021.

Poland leads among European countries in the ranking of logging intensity. Over the past twenty years, the level of deforestation has almost doubled here. The oldest and most valuable forests are systematically cut down. In addition, the amendment to the act on renewable energy adopted by the government allows the oldest and most valuable trees for ecosystems to be burned in power plants.

– I can also see it in ”my” forest. Every wander there is imprinted with bright orange spots – the paint, marking the trees to be cut, “glows” from the next and next trunks. too many. the orange spots stay under my eyelids when I return from the forest. along with this image comes a fear of the future.

Deforestationdestruction of old forests is one of the main reasons for the massive extinction of species; it is also one of the main factors leading us towards a climate catastrophe.
  • Michalina W. Klasik

Quarantine journal p.2-3 cultivation cycle

“As most of the world resides in lockdown, pollution in many cities has decreased, overall emissions are falling for the first time since WW2 and many people are picking up engaging, sustainable habits, such as gardening.” – Brittany Ganguly
  • Michalina W. Klasik
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