Mona Naess



Make the invisible visible, please

Bronze sculpture 27/28/31 cm, 12 kg

This sculpture was created several years ago in response to our over-consumption, climate change, and the connection between the earth and pleasure. We love to enjoy and consume, but what nourishes beauty EARTH is getting sicker and sicker every day.

Today, the sculpture is equally relevant to the theme of Culture Change and Neuroscience in relation to a desired change in our reward and motivation system and addictions to quick rewards.
  • Mona Naess

We all want more, but what is «more»?

Digital photo/video collage

I think a lot about what makes me happy now, and what made me happy before.
«Can we rewire our brains to some degree through the formations of new habits?»
I think so.
«New behaviors: sharing, giving, conserving, healing and thriving within constraints.»
I’m trying a few small steps in that direction at least.
  • Mona Naess

I found a dead bird

3 photographs

I found a dead bird, dipped it in liquid porcelain, burned it - and broke it.
A reminder of the vulnerability of nature and our own influence.
  • Mona Naess
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