Collaboration with the MAHB

What’s Next for Earth is a project supported by the MAHB
(Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere).

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A meeting place for global civil society — citizens concerned with the interconnections among the greatest threats to human well-being: this is the human predicament.

The MAHB provides information about this global challenge, solicits new voices, offers opportunities for members to form working groups and discussion fora, and interact with a diverse community committed to ameliorating the threats to humanity. 

Artist contributions to the art calls are published
on the MAHB Arts Community page.

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Recognizing the unique capacity for the arts to connect with the emotional side of personal decisions and behaviors, the MAHB Arts Community provides space and support for the sharing and reflection of artistic processes and products that consciously promote the changes needed for realizing a more sustainable and equitable future.

Artists participating in What’s Next for Earth project who have written articles
on the MAHB Arts Community page.

More About the Arts and the Anthropocene Section and Covid-19 Diaries Series