I wrote this poem at the beginning of the pandemic. First in Italian, then I translated into English.

Divided between profiting and caring

Divided between shining and illuminating

Divided between abandoning and holding close

A pandemic where the virus infecting us all is “versus”.

A viral way of thinking, feeling, sensing, being…versus, divided.

A vertical, narrow view of everything versus everything else.

The work I have been called to do is figuring out ways in which the whole of our humanity can work harmoniously with all those seemingly paradoxes, complexities, and tensions out there so we can re-image the future. A work of art, an artwork. I’m contributing this video poem to “What’s Next for Earth”.


– vertical video as an analogy to human ways of thinking growth in a vertical way.

– yellow background as an analogy of unnatural ways of relating to nature and a representation of pollution.

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