Drowning in Plastics – and Sea turtle

I saved non-recyclable plastic packaging for one year. Almost everything I purchased is from wonderful organic eco concerned companies…but the irony is that they use unsustainable packaging!! I’ve saved these so I can and WILL send each and every company what I’ve saved and ask them to please switch to paper, non-bees wax, or cardboard bags. Quaker Oats has used that round cardboard box for many years and it seems to work. Admittedly, during the pandemic, I wasn’t able to buy bulk seeds and nuts like I like to.

And I indulged in more comfort foods like pretzels. I also bought frozen fish, which I no longer do after I realized how the orcas are starving and we are overfishing our seas and rivers. I’ve not eaten red meat since I was twenty and have maintained a mostly vegan diet ever since. Anyway, I see how dependent I’ve been on these products… and how I can’t bear to send these bags into the earth to pollute with microplastics. We must all speak up and call out corporations to take responsibility for their packaging!!

Our social structure is dependent on this throw-away mentality. Once it’s sold, many (but not all businesses) don’t care what happens to the packaging! Insist that your grocer sells fruits and veggies unwrapped and just walk up and down the aisles and see the horrifying amount of plastic packages that are not 1 or 2 recyclable labeled. Oregon tried to pass a bill for truth in labeling but I don’t know if it survived the legislative process yet or not.

Our system needs to change and we can start where ever we are! Thank you!

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