Eileen Wold

Seattle, Washington, US


Fragmented Remains

Transfer drawing of charcoal, pencil, and watercolor,

A project that examined washed-up objects found on a mile stretch of shoreline behind a harbor hospital in Baltimore City. I collected trash for months, taking time to consider each object found. Mostly vessels, packaging, and containers, these objects were made to be discarded. Never before has a civilization produced such abundance with an intended use duration of seconds. It is a cultural norm that must shift. Design, production, packaging, and consumption. Transfer drawings of charcoal, pencil, and watercolor were paired with photographic documentation of the collection process.
  • Eileen Wold

Square Meter

Reflective aluminum metal posts inscribed with words that contemplate systems of sustainability stand in the corners of implied square meters in the landscape.

Notating each planetary square meter of 100-year-old mature forest needed to act as the carbon sink for each gallon of oil we burn, the square meters create intimate physical spaces that shrink these global relationships of equivalency down to human scale. Examining ideas of balance between industrial and natural systems we rely on; they highlight the contradictory human desire to both produce and conserve. 3 square meters are currently on view @unison_arts In New York as part of the Owning Earth outdoor sculpture exhibition.
  • Eileen Wold

Accidental Meadow project –
Transitional landscape in Baltimore Maryland.

Photographs and acrylic on panels
each piece is 6"x6"

Accidental Meadow project looks at temporary ecologies as land is developed, abandoned, and cleared. Examining what is left behind and what biodiversity is missing. This body of work consists of photographs and paintings that explore the natural cycles of temporary ecologies such as meadows as well as the liminal spaces that humans create in the natural world.
  • Eileen Wold
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